Hormonal meltdown #1

Well, I survived my first major hormonal meltdown of the pregnancy…=) I called my family doctor’s office this morning to find out what the results of my blood tests were (I was supposed to find out Friday, so I was already a wee bit anxious) and after putting me on hold for what seemed like an eternity, the nurse finally got back to me and told me that while my blood glucose levels were peachy, my TSH was on the high side (which means my thyroid levels are low). How high were my TSH levels? Well, the nurse didn’t really think she should tell me until the doctor had looked at the results. But she assured me that he would call back this afternoon. I called back twice (I did wait a while, really!) and was told that he still hadn’t gotten around to it, but would call back when he did. Well, finally 3:00 passed (they close at three in the summer) and I still hadn’t heard anything, so I decided to call one last time to see if I could catch anyone before they went home. The receptionist who answered this time was very rude (nice. let’s make the pregnant woman cry), and told me that there was no way that he would be able to go over my results today. I start bawling, telling her it is really important, I am pregnant, etc… so she (reluctantly) agrees to double check… nope definitely not today. As a little background, the reason I was so freaked out was because (although I am no medical expert) I DO know that women who have a history of Thyroid disease should have their levels checked as early as possible after finding out they are pregnant, and frequently after that since weight gain and hormonal changes can cause an already disfunctional thyroid to go haywire. Untreated hypothyroidism can cause problems with the baby’s brain development, especially early on when the baby’s thyroid is not yet developed, and an increased risk of miscarriage. So YES, I was freaking out! I know my thyroid is being treated, but it has a  history of being unstable, and the fact that the nurse wouldn’t even tell my what my numbers were made my mind go all kinds of crazy with worry. Each day that my levels are off means one more day that my baby doesn’t get the thyroid hormone that s/he needs. Stephen came home from work (an hour and a half later) to find me crying hysterically, and after I explained what had happened, BOY was he MAD! He called and left a not-so-very-nice message at the doctor’s office, and even though it was already 5, they called back and told me that they would call in my new perscription immediately. It turns out my TSH was about 6.5, which while not in the normal range and certainly not good at all, wasn’t quite as bad as my mind had been worrying me with. I will start my new Synthroid dose tomorrow, and really, everything will probably be just fine. Hopefully. I’m sure there are lots of very nice, professional, competent doctors out there, why do I alway seem to have such awful luck with them? Sheesh… Hopefully my OB will be better=) (1st official prenatal visit on the 26th!)

On a better note, the new Synthroid dose should help quite a bit with the exhaustion!


7 thoughts on “Hormonal meltdown #1

  1. Holy Cow! It’s so exciting to hear your big news. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m just thrilled for you! As you can see I’m quite behind in my blog reading. I’ve just been feeling really down about this! But, I’m so happy for you and Stephen!

  2. I understand that doctors are busy, but when it comes to test results that they know are going to cause worry for the patient until they get them….Come on!!! I can just imagine the angst you felt. I’m glad your hubby stepped in! And I’m glad that you got what you needed.

  3. I’ll pray the best for all three of you. I’m right there with you on the name thing. We have a puppy named Lydia and sometimes I really wish we didn’t because I love that name for a little girl. I really really want a boy and if we have one we’re going to name him Samson Tobias. If she’s a girl: Ava Annelle. I hope you get your ultrasound on the 26th. We had our first appointment the 17th and they took an ultrasound picture, it looks like a duck! Congrats!!!!

  4. we are sooo happy for you guys. I remember being very frantic until getting past the 12th week. We will be praying for you guys. Hopefully no morning sickness, and in the meantime sleep alot. I sleep about 10 hours a day and I think it has helped my hormones/moodiness stay in check (at least that is what daniel thinks).

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