Happy surprise…

My sister’s husband just got back from a seven-month training mission with the Navy (and finally met his new daughter for the first time!) so they are taking a few weeks to visit family before he has to report back for work. They called us yesterday afternoon to say that they wanted to stop in and see us on their way to Louisiana and would be here in just a couple of hours! They were only able to stay the night and left around 9:00 this morning, but any time I get to spend with my adorable neice and nephew is precious, no matter how short. They are just growing up so fast! I didn’t get any pictures since their visit was such a rush, but here are a few that I keep on my fridge, just in case you might doubt how freakin CUTE Brock and Willow are!

Oh, and my parents know now=) My silly Dad opened his Father’s Day card early even though he was NOT SUPPOSED TO, and called last night. He was pretty excited to say the least! I’m pretty sure that the entire town of Douglas, Wyoming probably knows by now=) So it looks like Stephen’s parents will be the last to know… not so good at this keeping secrets thing…

Let’s see, what else is going on? Oh yes, a couple of weeks ago Kristen posted some pictures of the awesome baby carrier that she made for her little Peyton, and included a link to the site where she found the FREE pattern. I decided I needed one too! I finished it up the other day (the instructions were really easy to follow even though I don’t have much sewing experience, and an awful machine to boot!), and took a few pictures to show off. Of course, Simon the teddy bear had to fill in until Baby gets here in February!


It is reversible (same fabric, but one side is striped with an orange hood, and the other is orange with a striped hood) and has padded shoulder and waist straps which make it more comfortable than other patterns I have tried. I actually tried it out on my little neice when she was here last night and it fit very nicely. Of course, she is a petite little thing, so she wouldn’t feel heavy anyways=)

…and I have enough fabric left over to make one for my friend as well!



2 thoughts on “Happy surprise…

  1. you niece and nephew are precious…and i love the name willow!!

    i bet you feel better now that the news is all out in the open…yea!!

    oh, and LOVE the carrier! you did such a great job…love it 🙂

  2. Jodean, Chuck’s mom came to visit us and I convinced her to help me make one of these. It turned out great, but I like the colors you picked better than mine. And you look really cute with it! I’ll try to post some pictures of mine. I’m also going to try to make one for Lana if I get the time. Thanks for the link!

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