Guess who spilled the beans?

Yup. The whole keeping it a secret until Father’s day thing turned out to be a little more difficult than I anticipated=)

We were laying out on the hammock (ahhhhh!) with Stephen’s head on my chest (and me trying my best to pretend that my boobs didn’t HURT like CRAZY because I didn’t want to give it away!) just talking. I have to admit I really didn’t hear much of what Stephen was talking about because I was off in lala land… but then he started talking about when we have kids someday, and about how his cousin’s little baby (that we just me for the first time the other day) had his daddy’s eyes (which also happen to be Stephen’s eyes!), and of course I started thinking about what our baby’s eyes would look like and I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. I wanted to share the emotions I was feeling with my husband, my best friend. It was no fun being so excited without him!

I pretended that I had to go to the bathroom (which really wasn’t pretending since I seem to be going all of the time now=), and I brought out the card that I made for him. He opened up the envelope and just said “Oh, this is cute” OPEN the CARD, Silly! Anyways, after he opened the card he still didn’t get it! Sheesh! When he finally did get he just said “Wow!” over and over and gave me a big hug. So sweet!

So that is how it happened. Not as creative as I was going for, but words can’t even begin to describe how amazing the moment was. A wonderful husband (who will be the most FANTASTIC daddy ever!), three goofy kitties, and now, a sweet little one on the way. My life is so incredibly blessed that I feel like I am bursting at the seams! I really could not ask for more.

In other news, I went to see our family doctor yesterday to confirm the pregnacy and get some of my questions answered. I found out that I am about four weeks along, and our due date (although my periods are sort of irregular so it is a very rough estimate) will be February 17. I am still trying to decide where I want to go for my prenatal care, but the family doc went ahead and took some blood to test my thyroid and blood glucose (gestational diabetes tends to run in my family. a lot. yay.) so that we have a baseline. So far, so good. I weighed in at 112lbs. as usual. I have always been a little underweight, so hopefully I will be able to gain well during the pregnancy. My mom was only able to gain a whopping 18 pounds when she was pregnant with me (which, although it sounds wonderful, is NOT healthy) because she was sick so much of time. Fortunately, she didn’t have any complications, and I weighed in a 7.5 pounds when I was born, but I would rather try to gain a bit more than her if I can. Let’s see, what else did we talk about? Symptoms I am feeling so far: exhaustion? check. mild cramps? check. VERY sore/swollen boobs? check. Frequent urination? not too bad, but more than usual. Naseau? not yet, fingers crossed! I also got a perscription for prenatal vitamins, and oh yes, my blood RH factor is negative (already knew that). Fun times.

We have started telling a few friends and select family members who have proven that they are able to keep their mouths shut, but are still planning to wait until Father’s day to tell our dads that they are going to be grandpas=) That means I also haven’t been able to tell my mom yet because she doesn’t meet the keeping-the-mouth-shut requirement. Hey, I come by it honestly=)

I am planning to have Stephen help me take the first of our obligatory week-by-week belly profile pictures this afternoon when he gets home from work so you all can keep up with our progress=)

That’s all I’ve got for now!


4 thoughts on “Guess who spilled the beans?

  1. I am also amazed you were able to keep it from him for so long, wow! Even though it wasn’t how you wanted it, it was still a very sweet, tender moment.

    I am a freak about progesterone cream for us PCOS’rs. Not sure if this is a concern for you but wanted to throw it out there. Oh and I can totally relate to be underweight thing. Hopefully you can keep it undercontrol with the pregnancy.

    Congratulations over and over again!!!

  2. Congrats Jodean! You and Stephen are going to be the best parents in the world!! And I would have believed that you were super-human if you could have kept it a secret until Sunday!!!

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