One day down…

…five more days of keeping my mouth shut! (NOT easy!) Actually yesterday wasn’t too bad because Stephen wasn’t able to come home for lunch like he usually does (which was RIGHT after I took the test!), and when he did get home in the evening, we were babysitting two very rowdy and high-energy kids, so there was NO TIME to let it slip. As soon as the kids both left at 9:30 we pretty much both just fell asleep=) I am still thinking about ways to tell him, and so far here’s what I have:

I thought about having our pastor announce it on Sunday morning because they always recognize the oldest and the newest dads, etc, on Father’s day, BUT then I thought I would really rather tell him when we are alone. So I made this card for him:


It open’s up to reveal a “bun in the oven,” and the timer is set for 9 mos. Cheesy, I know=) Actually, I made matching ones for the grandfathers as well=) I will probably do something else too… still open to suggestions! And I will probably clue our pastor in ahead of time, since that might be a good way to announce it to our friends. Right now I am going to go run some errands so that I am not home when Stephen get’s home from work (the less time I am around him, the fewer chances I will spill the beans, right?)

Now, if only the boobs don’t give it away….


7 thoughts on “One day down…

  1. LOL, about the boobs! I LOVE IT! Great idea, very creative. I envy you for being able to keep it from your hubby, that takes lots of willpower (something I have none of!) I can’t wait to hear about the reveal.

  2. I like the card. I think it needs to be something between just the two of you, so I would think no on the pastor thing. You are so creative on your own, I dont think you really need any suggestions.

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