Holy Cow! Are you sitting down????

It turns out my complete exhaustion was’t caused by my thyroid after all. (Well, at least not completely=) I am a little speechless right now so I will let the pictures speak for themselves…

And, just in case you can’t read backwards…

Yup. No faint pink almost-lines for me, I barely had time to put the cap back on before line #2 was as plain as day. So why the password? Well, Stephen doesn’t know yet and since father’s day is just a couple of days away, I thought it would be neat to surprise him with the news then. (If I can wait until then, and I probably can’t=) Also, none of my family knows yet, and I didn’t think my blog should be the first place they hear it=)Any suggestions for a fun, creative way to tell Stephen? He is going to be sooooooo excited!

Some of you may already know, but for those that don’t, Stephen and I did not think we would be able to get pregnant. While infertility was never confirmed, we suspected it for a long time (like, for the past FOUR YEARS!). I have PCOS, which is well known for causing fertility issues, as will as other hormone-related problems including my thyroid, and my period is really hit-or-miss. (sorry if that is TMI!) It has been fairly regular for the past few months, so we have been joking that we may end up pregnant, but I think we were both too scared of getting our hopes up to think it could really happen. Seen too many one-lined pee sticks. I still don’t think it has fully hit me=)

My doctor should be able to get me in in just a few days since my thyroid levels will have to be VERY carefully monitored during the pregnancy. Maybe he will even give me a referral for a different Endocrinologist (I can only hope!)

And yes, I have been EXHAUSTED. As in barely dragging my butt out of bed and not getting anything done around the house exhausted. I actually took TWO three-hour naps on Sunday=) Hopefully the exhaustion will improve some, or I am in for a looooong 9 months!

Please leave a comment if you have a creative idea for telling Stephen…



17 thoughts on “Holy Cow! Are you sitting down????

  1. OH MY GOODNESS…CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such exciting news, mommy!

    I also have PCOS, so I understand your frustrations and surprise. Now, creative ways to tell hubby…what about wrapping the positive test up in a little box, then placing this in a huge box so it looks like you got him some kind of gigantic gift. Sorry, that’s about as creative as I can get! Can’t wait to hear more…

  2. oh my goodness!!! that was not want i was expecting to read!!! congratulations 🙂

    you must be through the roof! i don’t have any great ideas about telling the news, but i will think about it and let you know if i come up with something good!

    do you know about how far along you are? i can’t wait to hear more…and especially about stephen’s reaction. i think you should definitely wait until sunday if you can…that would be extra special!!

    yea you 🙂

  3. That wasn’t the news I was expecting…but how exciting is that?! Congrats. Wow…I’ll have to think about ways you could tell him. I would never be able to wait a week. I can’t wait to read about his reaction. I can’t imagine how surprised and thrilled you are! How wonderful!

  4. Ahhhh, congratulations. I am another PCOS’er. I am the least creative person so I have no brilliant ideas. I asked my looney hubby what you should do and he said, go to the potty and yell “honey I ran out of toilet paper, can you get me more”…and make sure you leave the test on the toilet paper that he is getting for you. He is such a goof…he wished he had done this when proposing, THANK GOD he didn’t. So romantic. LOL!

  5. Thanks!

    I was not expecting it either, but I am super excited!

    I can’t be very far along because I *think* it is still five days before my expected period (I used one of those early response tests), but of course with PCOS my expected period is anybody’s guess=)Anyways, I’m probably just a couple of weeks along. I took the test because I was having some strange symptoms… I know a lot of people don’t recommend telling anyone at this early stage of pregnancy because of miscarriage worries, but I HAD to tell someone! Especially if am going to wait until Sunday to tell Stephen=)

  6. Don’t worry Jodean, I did the same thing, told everyone as soon as I knew. It’s too hard to keep a secret, there’s no way I could keep it until Sunday if I were you! I am sooooo happy for you!!!

  7. Hey, Chuck suggested that you take Stephen to Walmart and just get him talking about something as you start putting baby items into the cart. Then when he asks why you are getting baby items just smile and tell him the news!

  8. Oh I am so excited for you and your family! I know they say not to tell but I couldn’t have kept it quiet either! Oh I wish I could think of a really great idea for Stephen but I always thought I would wrap the test up for Aaron OR a picture frame, bib or something that says I Love my Daddy and let him start guessing! Oh I so cannot wait to hear about Stephen’s reaction! And I too understand PCOS!

  9. Wow! Congrats. I KNEW you were pregnant when I saw the password protected “are you sitting down”. I also have PCOS. Many congrats and I think the other’s suggestions are WAY better than anything I could have come up with.

  10. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! How wonderful it will be someday for our little one to be able to look back and see how excited everyone was about his/her arrival!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! This is the greatest news!!!! I have tears streaming down my face right now, I am so so so so so happy for you both!!!!

    Could life be any more crazy, or WONDERFUL?!?!? &#9829 &#9829 &#9829

    So much love to you both!

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