A case of the blahs…

It has been a while since I last posted anything, so I thought I should check in. I guess I am just going through a case of the blahs and haven’t really felt like posting. Or doing much of anything. Actually I have been exhausted lately and I am wondering if I should go see my doctor and have my thyroid levels rechecked. But he will probably tell me I need to go back and see the Endocrinologist from Hell, which I would really rather not do. In fact I think I would rather continue on feeling exhausted than go back to see him=) One of these days I will post a well-thought out, coherent post about the under- and mis-diagnosis of thyroid disorders in women, and how it SUCKS, and how it makes you feel worthless and lazy and unproductive, and how it drains the very life from you, but I just don’t have it in me today (how ironic!) Anyways enough of my pity party, here is a picture of one of the very not-blah lollipop lillies blooming in my backyard:



6 thoughts on “A case of the blahs…

  1. Angie- Thanks!

    Kim- sadly, I don’t own a macro lens=( maybe someday. This one was actually taken with my 75-300mm zoom. It has a very looong focal length (you have to stand quite far away from what you are photographing) but it zooms in enough to make up for that as long as it isn’t anything to small. I do really like how the zoom throws the background way out of focus.

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