kid cuteness and a Buddy update…

Little Idabel is just bubbling over with cuteness, from her big floppy ears to the little grass-stains on her knees…who could resist?!?!? Every once in a while she gets so overwhelmed with excitement that she leaps in the air and kicks up her heels, only to not-quite catch herself on her still-wobbly legs. Too much cuteness=)

And as cute as the little goats are, Buddy will have nothing to do with them. He seems to prefer hanging with the sheep. I guess he does look a little more like them…

He is walking on both of his front feet now though, and barely even has a limp! I am glad that he is making so much progress!


3 thoughts on “kid cuteness and a Buddy update…

  1. I saw your comment on a “Cookie Crumbs and Bit Bits” post and thought I’d come check you out since you mentioned that you’re starting the process to foster. Where are you in the process?

    We were licensed last November and currently have two foster daughters…the baby (almost 7 months) is going to be reunited with her family probably in July, the toddler (15 1/2 months) we’re hoping to get to adopt.

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