I am always looking for ways to make my food a bit healthier, and have been making low-sugar (not fake sugar!!!) jam since my dad was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago. I like to share=) I decided to try honey this time rather than ordinary granulated sugar. I used 1 cup of honey compared to 6 cups of granulated sugar in a regular batch of jam, and used pectin that is specifically made for no or low-sugar recipes. It is a little tart this way, but I kind of like to taste the FRUIT and not just the sugar. Pretty tasty!


4 thoughts on “mmmmmm……

  1. We just went out to visit Stephen’s parents last night and checked in on Buddy. He is doing great! He loves hanging out with the sheep (doesn’t much care for the other goats though!) and munching on brush. He had a bit of an infection in his foot (since he hadn’t been using it much, the hoof didn’t wear like it should and became overgrown) but we have been trimming it and treating it with an antibacterial, and he seems to be walking very well now!

  2. your jam looks so yummy. i wish i could have a taste. i bet it is really good. where did you get the berries?

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