A little camping excursion…

We took our church youth group camping at the creek below Stephen’s parents house last night. In case you haven’t noticed from my other pictures, they live in a GORGEOUS part of Arkansas!

These pictures may look calm and restful, but don’t let them fool you… there were giggling, screaming, borderline-obnoxious (but very much loved=) preteen girls running all around me as I took these.

5 thoughts on “A little camping excursion…

  1. Your photographs have made we want to go to Arkansas 🙂 So beautiful. Nothing like a gang of giggly-goofy-hyper teenage girls!

  2. that is not even fair!! who has places like that in their backyard?!

    okay, now i am determined to find cool places in georgia. joe claims they exsist, i have just been around them all my life. we will see what i can find 🙂

    the pictures are all beautfiul, but the first one just takes my breath away!!

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