happy surprise…

We have a corner of the yard where nothing will grow. So I planted a bunch of Irises. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Irises right? My grandma assured me that they would grow anywhere. Anywhere but this corner apparantly. (I wonder if there is something bad in the soil?) They didn’t come up at all last year, so I wasn’t really expecting this nice little surprise when I went out into the yard the other day=) It looks like there will be one more bloom. 2 out of 24 or so that I planted. Hey, it’s better than nothing=)

By the way, that same corner has also managed to kill: one tree, one rose bush, one hydrania bush, and and an assortment of other flowers. I have had marginal luck with some zinnias. Other parts of the yard seem to do just fine. Wierd.


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