Post #100, and a giveaway!

I just realized yesterday that I have written 99 posts since I started my blog, so I decided I would do a little giveaway to celebrate post #100. I haven’t been buying very many things for our child unless it is something that is fairly age and gender neutral, or too good of a deal to pass up, because we never really knew how things would turn out. I have been collecting books however, and have a few that are specifically meant for internationally adopted children that I will no longer be needing now that we are going the foster-adopt route. In appreciation of the many wonderful families I have met through blogging, I decided that I wanted to pass them along to one of you rather than just get rid of them, so here they are:

“We See the Moon” (which is one of my favorite adoption books) is a beautiful story about child wondering about his/her first family. The illustrations are based on Chinese Folk paintings and are just wonderful. “When You were Born in Vietnam” is full of beautiful photos of Vietnam, and does a good job of explaining adoption in a kid-friendly way. If you are an adoptive parent or a prospective adoptive parent and would like these books, just leave me a comment before, lets say, next Tuesday, and I will randomly select one of you to recieve these two books=) 

It is fitting, in a way that #100 come right as we are embarking on some major changes. I am still feeling such a mix of emotions right now. For the most part I am excited and hopeful for the future, but there are moments when it all hits me like a ton of bricks. This time last year I just never would have guessed that we would be where we are today- basically back at square one. We have started gathering some information on how to become foster parents, but we’re taking it kind of slow for now. Just trying to heal and get things figured out before we jump back in! We have been thinking about moving for a while now too and we might go ahead and just do it now while we have the opportunity. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when we figure anything out for sure!



10 thoughts on “Post #100, and a giveaway!

  1. hi – i was referred to your blog through Kathryn – who was adopting thru CHI. i wish you the best on your new adventure. long ago, we started on a road to vietnam, but made the tough decision to adopt domestically. take care…j

  2. Much strength to you both! No matter what the outcome or which path we go, adoption changes your life. The decisions, the process, the everything. Have a great weekend.

  3. I have the book “When You Were Born in Vietnam.” I agree that it is a wonderful book to have. How sweet of you to offer them to another family. Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi. I am a CHI parent waiting to adopt from Vietnam. I have been following your blog since Christmas. I would love to be inlcuded in your book give away!! We love books and have been looking for some good adoption books for our little guy. I was sorry to see you leave the program but understand completely. We discussed that option but just really feel we are to adopt from VN. We may have a LONG wait ahead of us!! I wish you the best with many blessings.

  5. I wish you the best in whatever path you follow—there is always a reason things happen—sometimes we just don’t see them right away. I am sorry that Vietnam did not work out for you, because I can tell just from reading your blog that it would have been a wonderful thing for your family. I pray and hope that you find another road that leads to happiness for you.

  6. That is so nice of you to pass on those books. We have “when you were born in Vietnam” but I hadn’t heard of the other one, I’m going to track it down! Love the new blog and am so excited to follow your foster-adopt journey!

  7. Can you believe that I don’t own either of those books? I have many other adoption books, but not those. So count me in when you have Millie paw out the names!! Let me know how you like wordpress, I’ve been thinking of switching too!! 🙂

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