Buddy Update

Okay, this is a little embarassing, but I promised I would post before and after pictures of Buddy’s haircut, so here goes=)

and after. (he likes to kneel, remember?) Believe it or not, this is AFTER we sheared a whole trash bag full of fleece from him…

Yikes! I watched a few youtube videos of shearing and studied a few diagrams and thought it would be a piece of cake. Okay, maybe I wasn’t quite that naive, but close! I hear an expert can shear a sheep or goat in 90 seconds. 90 seconds! It two of us about 3-4 hours (with several breaks in between), and poor Buddy looks pitiful. He is, however THRILLED to be rid of a few extra pounds of fluff now that the weather is warming up. You should have seen him bounding around his new, huge pen=) Oh, he also has some new neighbors– 25 new goats (and probably a few kids by now!) Anyways, back to the shearing… like I said, it took us forever! Buddy was quite a sport though, and VERY patient, especially considering that this was the first shearing for all of us. We nicked him just a bit once (felt horrible!) and quickly decided it was better to leave his hair a bit long than risk it again, hence the near baldness on his rump and abundance of fluff everywhere else=) We also didn’t feel comfortable getting the shears anywhere near his face, so we are just going to go back and trim him up a bit with some scissors so that he can see.

Now I have a bag full of Mohair fluff that I need to do something with… the plan is to wash and card it and spin it into some soft, fluffy yarn, but I have learned recently that some things are more difficult than they appear…. we’ll see!



11 thoughts on “Buddy Update

  1. My girls and I are still laughing! Poor buddy, hopefully he doesn’t have access to a mirror! Jodean, I think you are the most creative, interesting woman I’ve ever ‘met’! ~Gina

  2. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard! Poor Buddy; I’m sure it’ll get easier. Are there places you can take him to get sheared? Maybe just to clean the guy up!

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