Favorite photo friday & shhhh! don’t tell the POA…

First a favorite photo of the week:

Why is it that all of my cat pictures are of Tobe? I really don’t mean to leave the girls out…
Okay. In case you can’t already tell that I have a little bit of “country” flowing through my veins, let me just go ahead and verify it for you=) We are going to pick up a couple of baby chicks when Stephen gets home from work. Yes, you read that right, and yes we do live right in the middle of a subdivision smack dab in the middle of Springdale. But check out the City Chicken website!
I went by the hardware store yesterday to get some gardening supplies and stopped to look at/play with the adorable baby chicks while I was there. I happened to notice that they were advertised as “good backyard layers,” which perked my interest. I have a backyard. And I enjoy eggs. And what better than fresh, organic eggs from my own chickens, right? I did a bit of research and discovered that the city of Springdale actually has no ordinances against the raising of chickens within city limits. Hippotami, yes. (????) Chickens, no. I mean, this is Springdale after all. We are actually refered to as Chickendale by our neighbors to the south. Seriously. I’m sure that our POA won’t like it much, they don’t like anything, remember. But I figure it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission though, right?=) Besides, I happen to know that at least one of our neighbors has chickens because I hear their confused rooster crow at apporximately 3 am each morning. (We are not planning to get a rooster, by the way, because I respect my neighbors’ right to sleep peacefully more than that). I’ll be sure to post some pictures this afternoon!
Oh, and on other “country Jodean” news, Buddy’s shears came in the mail this week, so his haircut is scheduled for tomorrow. This could get interesting…=)

2 thoughts on “Favorite photo friday & shhhh! don’t tell the POA…

  1. I am a mandated reporter to the Hidden Lake POA. But I can easily be purchased for a few eggs. I would be interested to see how the backyard layers work. We like some fresh eggs. Let me know how it goes.

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