Here’s to Hope…

Well, we are DTV as of today! It would have been sent of with our agency’s Wednesday batch, but they received 20 finished dossiers this week (!), so it took a while to review them all. Everything was fine with ours, so it was sent off this morning! Now we are just trying to remain hopeful that this is really a step forward.

I know there has been a lot of panic all around because of the new DNA testing requirement and the way it is being implemented, but I am trying to remain hopeful about that as well. We already know the the MOU will not be resigned in September, perhaps the new DNA requirement is evidence that the two governments are still trying to work out an agreement? They could, after all, have just given up and stopped accepting new Dossiers. It seems like an awful lot of work and bother to implement such a change right before an anticipated extended shut down…. just a thought. And as frustrating as it can be when changes like these are implemented without warning, if there is any way that this requirement will help make sure that adoptions are taking place more ethically, that is definitely a good thing. Ethical adoptions of legitimate orphans should always be the primary concern, and I sincerely hope that that is the goal of UCIS with this new requirement. I am certainly not condoning UCIS’s lack of communication with/treatment of PAP’s. It is simply inexcusable. I am sure there will be MANY kinks to work out, especially given the abrupt nature of the announcement, and I really do feel for the families whose wait to travel will be even longer now, and the children who don’t deserve to spend another second in an orphanage. I can only imagine how difficult the ever increasing wait must be.

Wishing everyone involved in this crazy journey peace and HOPE.

No shears yet as of today=( but they are coming all the way from Nevada. Looks like Buddy’s haircut will have to wait until next week. We’ll probably take advantage of the beautiful (not rainy!) weather we are supposed to have tomorrow and go hiking instead. With all the rain we have been having lately, I am anticipating some nice waterfall pictures =)


6 thoughts on “Here’s to Hope…

  1. yea…DTV!!! how exciting! sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude 🙂

    i heard there were some referrals this weeks…a couple steps closer!

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