Buddy’s getting a haircut!

One last picture before Buddy gets sheared (hopefully Saturday, if my new shears arrive)

I have been researching/looking into a set of electric shears for a while now… I had no idea they would be so expensive!!! ($300-500 for a good set) Needless to say, when I saw that pricetag I was a bit discouraged. I briefly entertained the idea of trying some hand shears (the old scissors kind) but I was sure I would slip and cut him… So I decided to look on ebay for some used ones. Apparently hey are quite the hot item this time of year because I bid on several with no luck. I finally won an auction yesterday for some for less than $150. Yay! I set a higher reserve than I really wanted to, but I was starting to get desperate with warm weather just around the corner. Besides, just look at him. He’s a fluffy mess!
I went out to the inlaws house (where Buddy is staying) yesterday to help work on some more fence so that we can bring a couple of other goats in from the pasture to keep Buddy company. Now that he is getting around better (he was actually walking with almost full weight on his leg yesterday!), he is starting to get bored and lonely by himself. He really perks up when I go to visit him unless he realizes I didn’t bring any grain=), but another goat would really be ideal. Besides, he is starting to get a bit on the chubby side from not running around and exercising.
His leg is looking much better, and like I said, he is walking some on it now, but it is still much skinnier than his other legs. He still gets tired if he is on it for too long, and has picked up a funny habit of kneeling on his front knees with his butt up in the air to eat so that he doesn’t have to stand on it:

8 thoughts on “Buddy’s getting a haircut!

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a “sheep” (if it is in fact a sheep) so hairy!!

    Very neat to see. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer N.

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