I just got back tonight from my camping trip and it was everything I needed it to be! I feel so rejuvinated! Of course, now I have a ton of stuff to catch up on, so I will keep this short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves (more pictures at my flickr site…I took a bunch!)….

I thought that the eight hour drive by myself would be tedious, but it was surprisingly relaxing. I decided to ditch the interstate in favor of some of our beautiful senic byways on the way home. Lots of time for thinking… and of course rolling down the windows and singing along with the radio at the top of my lungs!

My trip was wonderful, but when I saw the sun setting over the beautiful Boston Mountains after a long day of driving…. aahhhhhhh…. no matter how many beautiful places I travel to, there is no place like home! And of course, I sure missed my Stephen=(


9 thoughts on “Bliss….

  1. The pictures are wonderful. Looks like a great relaxing time. Just what one needs with this crazy roller coaster that we have all been on the past few months!

  2. I am so jelous! I miss camping and cannot wait for the cold to be gone so we can go far away and pop up a tent. Beautiful pictures. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

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