Gotta get out of here….

Well, my spring break started Wednesday, but the only thing that seems to be taking a break around here is my sanity… I wish I could just tell people no sometimes. It is a horrible habit to always feel obligated to say yes when somebody asks for a favor…

“You don’t have school this week, right? Would you mind ____? (Fill in the blank and somebody has probably asked)

Add to that the adoption stress I am feeling right now, and the case study I need to get finished for my ESOL class, and everything I am behind on around the house….

I have GOT to get OUT OF HERE! I called my sisters up yesterday and planned a spur of the moment get together for next weekend. Camping somewhere in Texas. No phones, no computers, no obligations; just us girls, a couple of hammocks and some fishing poles. One of my sisters is in San Antonio doing some national gaurd training and has a few days off for Easter, and the other is staying with her inlaws in west Louisiana for a while. It isn’t often that we are all this close (neighboring states!), so I figured we should take advantage of the opportunity while we can.

Let someone else teach children’s church, babysit your kid, chapparone the youth trip,…. I’m going out of town!!!!!!!

Well, must go… the kid I’m babysitting for 9 hours today just woke up and started screaming. Sigh. Next weekend needs to hurry up and get here!


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