For Elliot

I first met my newest nephew in January when my family came visit. The first time I saw his sweet face, I fell for him hard=) He is such a happy, affectionate baby and he had me cracking up constantly with his goofy faces. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my nieces and nephews????

Little Elliot has been in the hospital since Friday with that really nasty flu that has been going around. We recieved some bad news Saturday night that he had been airlifted to the Children’s Hospital in Denver because he had developed pnuemonia and was having difficulty breathing.

The last news I heard was that his most recent xrays showed some improvement, but he is still on a breathing tube. It will most likely be several days before he is able to go home.

Please send some thoughts and prayers his way if you get a moment. He and his mom could certainly use them!

I plastered my refridgerator with snapshots of the little guy to remind me to say a prayer for him each time I pass by. My heart aches to be there with him! It is times like these when living so far from family just KILLS me.
I hope he is back to his happy, healthy self soon!

8 thoughts on “For Elliot

  1. i stopped and prayed for the little guy before i moved on with my day.

    i hope he gets better quickly! please keep us updated. my prayers are with your family!

  2. Oh my gosh, that poor little cutie. I will definitely pray for him. That picture of him on your fridge with the big eyes is too cute.

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