Not that I need a new hobby or anything, but I decided the other day that I wanted to learn to spin yarn. I do, after all, have an angora goat now who will need shearing soon. (Buddy is doing very well, by the way. He has learned how to defend himself against the pesky St. Bernard by headbutting, which I find hilarious=)

Anyways, I decided to go the really old-fashioned route and give drop-spindles a whirl since they are way cheaper than spinning wheels. I ordered a $15 kit on etsy and it arrived in the mail today. Woo Hoo! I am spinning yarn!

Yes, the tongue helps me concentrate=)

Here is my first attempt at handspun yarn

I am handling the wait just fine. really. can’t you tell?

In adoption related news, I did talk to my boss Tuesday about getting yet another notarized employment letter, and she was really great about it. I should get it on Monday, which would mean-gasp- we will finally (hopefully!) have all of our re-notarized and CORRECT documents ready for state certification! It is times like these that I really wish we lived closer to our agency’s office so I could just stop by and have them check over our documents whenever we get one ready. That would be much easier than faxing, scanning, (or like I did last time when the scanner was being uncooperative) photographing and emailing them…


8 thoughts on “Must.Keep.Busy…

  1. Wow!! Wow Wubzzy…that is sooo cool. You actually took the wool off that goat??? Hey this could be an inservice for us (not kidding) I’d love to learn… also I too LOVE goats!! We always had goats growing up, and I always had a baby one in the house with a diaper on it LOL!! My dad was so horrified!! And he is a handsome little guy too!! On an adoption note, I had many many dossier set backs with wrong dates, bad notarized stamps etc… it will get done! Keep keeping on and keep your eye on the prize!! I’m pulling for you guys!!:)

  2. Ha! No, this is just some scraps of wool that came with the spindle, I probably should have made that more clear. But I am planning to shear Buddy soon, probably in March or April sometime when it starts to warm up. Since he is still a kid, his fleece is sooooo soft! I have never done it before, but I’ll let you know when we are going to do it, and you are welcome to come along and learn with us=)

  3. Wow! That is really cool. Looks like you have become an expert at keeping busy:)

    Good luck with the documents…soon it will all be over!

  4. Take before and after pictures of Buddy, so we can see the progress/difference.

    I actually love the fact that we can scan her copies of our notarized documents. It makes it more convenient not to have to take a day off work to do this. I’ll be sending her the notarized employment letters tonight!

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