Employment Letter, take III


Yes, it was one of those days.

I finally got my employment letter back (again) from my principal. I wasn’t too worried about it taking a little while, she has after all been sick with the same flu bug I have had so I can totally empathize… The notary is now done correctly, but alas, as I looked over the letter I noticed that when she reprinted it, she left the original date. Which doesn’t match the date on the new notary signature. Should this be a problem? I wouldn’t think so. But will it be a problem? Most definitely. Sigh.

Now I must ask my very understanding boss for a THIRD time if she will make me yet another notarized copy of the the employment letter. I really hate to bother her again after she has already gone out of her way so many times and she is a very BUSY woman, and we don’t have a notary at my school, and I know she is just recovering from the same flu that I have had which means she is probably completely exhausted, and it is such a silly mistake in the first place….

We MUST get this dossier done before it drives me completely insane…..


6 thoughts on “Employment Letter, take III

  1. too funny, well not really, but the picture is!!

    sorry you have to go through all this. hopefully you will get it done quickly so that you can hurry up and wait for the next phase 🙂

  2. Oh no! That is so frustrating. I know the feeling…I had some similar problems getting my employment letter. I felt so bad having to get it redone. I really felt like such a pest when I asked to have it redone. But just think, soon it will all be over! Once that dossier is off your hands, you’ll never want to look back…

  3. We just got notified that we can start the dossier! We have been waiting forever for just a letter from Kevin’s new employer to update our home study and now she has to do another one for the dossier too.

  4. Ahh, the memories. Keith and I had just notarized all of our dossier documents and hand-carried them to our Secretary of State for certification only to have half of them returned to us uncertified because our bank manager’s notary seal had our state’s seal on it. Apparently, this is a no-no. We had to redo all of them. The happiest day of my life was shipping that thing off for good. Hang in there. -Gina

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