Buddy update

In case any of you have been as worried about Buddy as I have, I just wanted to reassure you that he is doing much better today=) We went to check on him this afternoon and he was STANDING up and moving around the pen, which is very, very good. He also started eating again last night and has eaten quite a bit of grain since then. I cut up an apple for him this afternoon, and he nibbled at it a bit, but he seemed to think it was a bit strange. Probably never had an apple before…
He still looks pitiful…his fur is matted and dirty from the stock trailer experience and he hobbles around with the splint. We trimmed up some of the really matted parts of his fur with some scissors, but it is still too cold to bathe or shear him right now, so that will have to wait. Also, his previous owner didn’t take care of his hooves at all so they need some attention. Can’t wait to get him all cleaned up for some better pictures… he really is a beautiful little guy!


2 thoughts on “Buddy update

  1. I am so glad to hear he is doing well. He is really cute. When my husband and I lived on 2 acres in the country we contemplated getting a couple of goats. Then we got relocated to the city, so it never happened. But I love the little guys.

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