A new kid in the family….

No, not that kind of kid! Meet Buddy the goat…

Who couldn’t love this face?!?!?!?

I have this thing for goats…
I have always wanted one, and I guess my enthusiasm must have worn off on my father in law because he just bought 214 goats! (Okay, I guess he was already planning to get them, but I like to think maybe I had something to do with it=)

Anyways, he had the guy he bought them from throw in an Angora kid just for me! (remember, I also have a yarn/knitting thing) Unfortunately, the little guy fell down in the stock trailer and was trampled by the other goats resulting in a broken leg (and hopefully not, but possibly internal injuries). We went out to Stephen’s parent’s house last night to help doctor him up and splint his leg, and now that we are back home, I just can’t stop worrying about him. This morning he was up moving around, but he really isn’t eating or drinking much. I guess we will just have to wait and see how he does. It would probably be easier to check for injuries if he didn’t have so much fluff (the stuff is THICK!!!), but he would freeze if we sheared him this time of year, especially with the weather we have been having…

Hoping you get better soon, Buddy!


4 thoughts on “A new kid in the family….

  1. We must be kindred spirits! I’ve always wanted to have some goats. I just love them! The previous owners of our house had a couple of goats in the back yard (we live out in the country) and I desperately wanted them to leave them for us! Oh well…maybe someday!

    I hope you and Buddy feel better soon.

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