Jodean vs. The Flu, day 7

I was starting to wonder, but I think I just might beat this thing=) Yesterday was the first day since last Saturday that my temperature stayed below 100 for the entire day, and today I am actually feeling up to blogging (Although I am far from feeling good!) Stephen has been so wonderful taking care of me while I have been sick, even though I know I have been crabby!

I guess I kind of put a damper on the Valentines Day festivities with all the coughing, sneezing, wheezing and such. Since I didn’t really feel up to going out, Stephen helped with dinner and we stayed in and played Scrabble last night. It wasn’t what we had planned, but still a wonderful Valentines Day. Did I mention what a great guy I married????

Next year I am DEFINITELY getting a flu shot!!!!!!

After I posted this, I noticed that we passed month #7 of the wait on Tuesday!!!! Okay, I must have really been out of it because I always remember the monthly milestone!

Now is probably a good time for a Dossier update: as soon as I get back my new employment letter with the correct notary we will finally (hopefully) have all of our documents correctly done! My principal was out last week with the flu, and I was out this week, so that has held it up a bit. Darn the flu!!!!


6 thoughts on “Jodean vs. The Flu, day 7

  1. i am sorry you feel so sick…but happy 7 month-aversary!!

    addie had the flu shot and is now recovering from the flu. the buzz around here is that the flu mutated and the shot is pretty much worthless…GREAT!

    hope you get to feeling better soon, i am sure you are miserable!

  2. Thanks Angie!

    I don’t think I ever remember having the flu this bad before…although I feel MUCH better than I did a couple of days ago!

  3. I am sorry you have been sick, but it sounds like this flu is going around your office. I hope that you are able to stay away from it again!

  4. I swear by the flu shot each year. The one year I missed it because there wasn’t enough to go around, sure enough I got it. Hope you start feeling much, much better real soon!

    I was so glad to see three referrals and infant referrals at that. Hopefully, they keep the number of referrals up.

  5. Sorry to hear you are under the weather! Khai has a bit of the sniffles, coughing, sneezing, etc… so we feel your pain! Get well soon! (As if you have a choice in the matter!) 🙂

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