Yes, this is the Turd himself sitting on most important documents we will ever have to gather in our lives. The documents that have had us running franticly around town for the past two weeks. The documents that mean we are one step closer to our son or daughter. I wanted to take a picture to commemorate finally gathering the last document (minus the notary changes we will have to make), and when I went to get my camera, I returned to THIS! Of course it describes him so well; he absolutely MUST be the center of attention at all times. Even if that means making himself comfortable on the Dossier. Maybe he senses that the time is coming soon that he will no longer be the only spoiled-rotten-center-of-our-attention little guy around here….

6 thoughts on “Toby is SITTING ON OUR DOSSIER!!!!

  1. Our cat Cal will sit or lay on any paper, towel, blanket- anything. He is a leaner LOL.

    We never actually saw our dossier complete since we had it sent to St. Louis (which CHI won’t let you do anymore) but Angie was nice enough to take a pic of it for us. I remember sending it to the consulate and feeling really like I had just sent my life away in a FedEX envelope.

  2. Angie,
    I did freak out a little bit! But since he was already there and I had my camera in hand, I thought it warranted a picture! After the picture I CAREFULLY picked him up and removed him from the table-I didn’t want him peeling out with his back claws….

  3. He’s not stressed 😉 One of our cats ran off with our marriage certificate. Under the bed. Never did anything like that before (with paper). First time for everything…

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