Dossier progress (or lack thereof)….and a new kiln!

Good news:

The marriage licence actually came last Thursday but Stephen put it in the pile with the JUNK MAIL! Fortunately, I found it before I took it to be recycled on Friday, and it is now safe and sound with the rest of the documents. Other than a minor meltdown upon finding this precious piece of paper with the trash, I am doing fine as well=) We also finally received our home study addendum in the mail today which means we now have the final piece of paper that we need to send off for state certification.

Bad news:

I am afraid that not all of our notaries were done correctly. I really know nothing about notaries so I just assumed that they were fine as long as they included the stamp, signature, and date, but I got an email from our agency today to check and make sure that the full state affirmation was included. Not quite sure what that is, but I am pretty sure it is not on either of our employment letters or our Doctor letters. This means that three different notaries didn’t do it correctly. grrrr! And I didn’t know any better, I mean, it’s not like I have documents notarized every day. I guess this will set us back a bit, but at least we learned about this before we actually got the documents sent off. And since we already have a place on the waiting list with our agency, I guess it is not too big of a deal if it takes a bit longer than anticipated. Still irritating though!

I’m not sure if having our Dossier logged in to Vietnam will actually make me feel better, or if I am just trying not to let myself completely freak out about the DOS advisory… I am just to tired to think/blog about that right now.

I hate to leave this post on a bad note though, so a bit more good news before I head off to bed:

  • I got a kiln! It has a few problems, but it is better than what I had before (no kiln!) and FREE! I am so very thankful to my friend Laura for passing it on to me after it was passed along to her. Hopefully someday, when the adoption expenses are behind us and/or I am selling my work like crazy, I will be able to upgrade and pass it along to some else as well! By the way, thanks Laura for the tour of your pottery- I think I am experiencing a bit of studio-envy!
  • I am totally exhausted, but the art show tonight was a huge success! We must have had more than 300 people show up (and we only have 450 students!) We even ran out of refreshments at one point and resorted to raiding the teacher’s lounge for snacks. The kids were so excited and proud of their work. Although it was A LOT of work to hang something by each child, it was well worth it to see their eyes light up when they found their artwork on the wall. My goal was that each child feel like a “real” artist for the night, and they sure did!
  • And because nothing softens the blow of bad news like new hand knit socks:


6 thoughts on “Dossier progress (or lack thereof)….and a new kiln!

  1. Well you’ll be a document specialist after this is all done…
    Congrats on the show and the kiln! I had to leave mine behind in the States when I moved to Holland. Heartbreak 🙂 Waiting on my new (used) one. Do you have a studio/space/corner at home where you do work?

  2. Yay! for the new kiln and a successful art show. That is great! As for the marriage license in the recycling…isn’t this just how this process goes??? I hope everything else comes together smoothly. We, too, had to rework a couple of notarizations. Good luck!

  3. Don’t feel too bad, I am pretty sure that one of our documents is not notarized correctly–and it’s at the embassy right now!! It passed through the county and state certification process, but I still don’t know if Vietnam will be happy with it. I prepared myself for a possible redo of some documents, so I am trying to not get too stressed! Good luck with all the documents.

  4. Kerry-
    I have a corner in the (unheated)garage, but I will have to dig my wheel out from under Stephen’s junk=). I haven’t done much throwing in a while because I had no way to fire my work…until now!And Lauren-
    I am very thankful that none of our stuff has been sent off yet. Hopefully you will be able to take care of yours without too much hassle!

  5. Hi,

    I see you have a kiln and are in the process of adoption. Did you have the kiln before your home study? I have a kiln in the unfinished part of our basement, and I am concerned that it will be an issue with the home or fire inspection. Did this come up as an issue for you?


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