You know you must be cheap when loved ones start to misinterpret your frugal spending habits as signs of poverty and offer to buy you groceries…

Adoption has changed our perspective on so many things, including the way that we spend our money (okay, okay, maybe we have always been a little cheap, but I think we are even giving Mom a run for her money now!=) When we first started this thing, we set a goal for ourselves of completing our adoption debt-free. At the time we had NO idea how we would accomplish our goal, but soon we were looking for every little way that we could save and it really started to make a difference. (Not to mention that our wait has pretty much doubled, which has given us a lot more time to save….) Now our savings account is fast approaching the amount we need, and what started with a few small things–buying yardsale and thriftshop clothes, selling stuff on ebay, limiting how frequently we eat out, giving handmade gifts, etc– has now become a complete obsession. Stephen has developed a cute habit of quoting Dave Ramsey in every conversation and scrutinizing potential purchases by asking “What would Dave buy?” And then today we discovered………

$6 haircuts at the beauty school! The first haircut that I have had since we started our homestudy back in April. I *heart* the beauty school!

Oh, and I got an order for 24 pairs of baby shoes on my Etsy site the other day! Yay! I have been splitting the profits from my Etsy sales between the adoption fund and Humanitarian efforts in Vietnam. Every little bit helps. Looks like I’ve got some work to do!


7 thoughts on “Cheapskates

  1. Congrats on the savings, I keep thinking of ways to do it, but I have horrible follow through, though I am a total shopaholic. I think I need to try the ebay thing too.

  2. Congrats on the big order! Ironically, I’m actually listening to Dave Ramsey right now! He’d be proud of your hair cut, which looks great!

  3. I love that you are splitting your profits. And I can’t tell you enough how much I love your knitting. You are saving in a beautiful way. Go cheapskates! (I’m one of them.)

    Jennifer N.

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