Crazy week!

What a crazy week this has been!

Started off with 13 people in one house (Jeanien and her two kiddos are still here, but the rest have gone home to Wyoming now) Nephew Bob brought a bit of the flu with him which was FUN (sarcasm!) but I think we are all pretty much over it now. Except that I lost my voice Tuesday afternoon (with kindergartners, what FUN again!) and still have yet to fully get it back. I am trying to use it sparingly until Monday when I have kids again, but some of you might know that is a little difficult for me=) Especially when the topic turns political like it did last night….

But anyways, on top of all that we are trying to start getting our Dossier documents together. I was the one who was going to to have them all done in record time, but I am off to a slow start this week! Hopefully things are settling down so I can get back in the groove!

Here’s a little checklist of what we need to gather for the Dossier:

  • V-1A and V-1B forms: got it (but of course this is the week that our printer stopped working!)
  • I-171 H Form: got it
  • Letter of endorsement: on its way
  • Homestudy: got it, but waiting on an addendum
  • Police Clearance: not yet
  • Doctor’s letter: not yet, but our Doc is pretty easy to get an appt with
  • Marriage certificate: next on my list!
  • Employment letter: on the way
  • color copy of passport pages: not yet, but I am planning to go to the library this weekend
  • passport photos: got it

Getting the paperwork together is just the first step. Once we have all of the documents, they will need to be notarized, state certified, and authenticated at the Vietnamese Embassy. So we have some work to do still…

But here to show you that crazy isn’t all bad:
Nephew Bob

This little dude had me cracking up all week with his faces!

Miss Jean

Playing dress up at the Shiloh museum

pinwheels for everyone!

and here is Stephen getting some “practice.” Love how the flash shadow makes it look like he has a mullet=)

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