Holy Moly!

I just noticed that it has been NINE months and TWO days since since we applied to our agency to adopt! I’m sure a lot skinnier at nine months than you were, Jeanien=) Seriously though, it’s pretty crazy to think that it has been this long already, and even crazier to think that we could possibly have two years ahead of us still until our little one is with us. Trying to remain patient…

We had a wonderful time with Stephen’s family this Christmas. Family, love, laughter–all the good stuff! Last night we decided to make tamales (which we have never done before!) It was, well, interesting=) We didn’t think to look for the corn husks before Christmas, so we ended up driving all over town to find a place that had some left and were ultimately unsuccessful. We did discover that wax paper will work for the wrappers in a pinch though! I must say they weren’t too bad for our first attempt, even if they were a little unauthentic! Stephen’s parents and sister are going to come over Sunday for some Vietnamese food before Melissa heads back to Texas. Hmmmmm…. did they have a free dinner in mind when they gave us this Christmas present?!?
(This was, by the way, one of the COOLEST gifts we received this year!)

My family is coming up next week and I can’t wait! They weren’t all going to make it since they would have to bring 2 vehicles, what with Katie’s four car seats and all=), but my grandpa suggested at the last minute that they swap vehicles and take his enormous, way-more-than-a-single-guy-like-himself-needs Excursion instead. Yeah! That means that, including the Louisiana bunch that is coming as well, there will be a whopping 12 people staying in our little house. It just doesn’t get better that that=) This will be the first time since my sister’s wedding 2 1/2 years ago that we have all been together at the same time! I can’t wait to see the kiddos, I’m sure they have grown a lot since the last time they were here! And there will be two new little ones to meet!

I will leave you with a favorite photo of the week:
I decided to put my knitting addiction to use for a good cause and made pair of teeny tiny little baby socks for the Afghans for Afghans newborn campaign , which will provide hand knit hats, socks, and blankets for babies at the CURE hospital in Kabul. If you are a knitter or crocheter, this is a great way to bring a little warmth to the life of a person in need. Check it out!

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