Good day

Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years! They say time flies when you are having fun=) Stephen has truly been a blessing in my life. He’s encouraging, optimistic, empathetic, fun, creative, kind… I could go on and on. He’s my very best friend. And I know he will be an amazing father. Here we are, young and in love=)

Love the red shag carpet in the church!=)

We had to go for a hike to celebrate, and yesterday was the perfect day for a hike–65 degrees and sunny. Too bad we decided to wait until this morning for our hike instead=) We weren’t about to let a little rain stop us though, and we went to a beautiful little spot called glory hole where the creek has drilled a hole in the top of a bluff that a waterfall flows through. I couldn’t help but notice its resemblance to a giant toilet, especially after it started raining harder and the water was really churning=) here it is from above:

and below:

a few more pics from our adventure:

4 thoughts on “Good day

  1. yea! I remember your wedding, didn’t chuck end up wearing stephen’s coat or something like that? when are you going to put up a pic of stephen’s ring? Where are the two of you hiking, it’s beautiful!

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