A sweater for Miles

I told my sis in law I would put up a picture of the sweater I just (almost!) finished for Miles, so this one’s for you, Melissa! All it lacks is a couple of buttons.

I also knit up a nifty pair of fingerless gloves the other night, which must say, are very handy to have around. I’m wearing them as I type since my hands are always cold=)

This knitting thing is turning into quite an obsession… but I guess there are worse things I could be doing to help pass the time!


One thought on “A sweater for Miles

  1. Beautiful!!!

    I just got back from a visit home and catching up on adoptionworld news…wishing you the very best. Hang in there-I know how hard some moments can be. The good news is that every day is one day closer 🙂

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