Good food, fun dishes…… and a chance of snow!?!?!?!

I volunteer at the Ozark Literacy council on Fridays as an English tutor. Sometimes I feel guilty–I mean, volunteering isn’t supposed to be this much fun right?!?! And I think that I am learning just as much from my student as she is learning from me. Anyways, this week we decided to swap favorite Christmas recipes both to share a bit of our cultures, and to practice reading/writing in English and some cooking vocabulary. I made her an apple pie, because nothing says America like my Grandma’s apple pie (I even gave her Grandma’s “secret recipe!”) She brought me a beautiful loaf of pan de jamon (ham bread with raisins and olives), which is a traditional Venezuelan Christmas dish. Of course, I had to try it immediately after I got home, and it is DELICIOUS! Who knew olives and raisins would go so well together?!? Thank you Celia!

And what goes better with delicious food than fun dishes! I had a request to share some pics of my pottery, although I will warn you that none of it is very recent (as in, the last YEAR!) because I haven’t had access to a kiln to fire my work. These are just some of my everyday dishes that I pulled from the dishwasher;)
Porcelain bowls
My FAVORITE hot chocolate mug!
more stuff
blue serving bowl

Thanks to my friend Laura, I will hopefully be whipping up some new stuff soon–she’s swapping me small old electric kiln for a pair of hand knit socks! Not a bad deal, if I must say so! Now, If only I can find my wheel under all Stephen’s junk in the garage…….

And to all the fun times we are having here in Arkansas, add 4-6 inches of the white stuff!! Yay! Tomorrow brings our first chance for snow of the season, and just in time for the holidays! I’ll try to get some pictures of crazy Toby in the yard after it snows–he LOVES snow.

Now surely that is enough posting for one day! Have a great afternoon everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “Good food, fun dishes…… and a chance of snow!?!?!?!

  1. I love that pottery – it’s gorgeous! And thanks for making me feel a little better, I have been grumbling for hours about our cruddy, cold weather (supposedly -6 right now) but knowing that even you have snow where you are means we’re all suffering! Obviously it’s a bit different as you are enjoying it and I am NOT, but I do feel better knowing it’s cold everywhere!

  2. Your pottery is gorgeous! If you ever get back in the swing of it, I’d love to talk to you about purchasing some…

    I miss northwest Arkansas so much! I’m so excited you guys are going to get some snow…so jealous!!!

  3. Oh, my goodness! You have been blessed with such amazing talent. Miles will be blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty created by his mother, not to mention really well dressed :-).

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