Favorite photo friday (We did it!!!)

No more wedding rings for us! Not metal ones at least;) we got our rings tattooed on yesterday!! We decided a while ago that we were going o do this for our fifth wedding anniversary (Next Friday!), partly because we hardly ever wear our rings (I am an art teacher/potter, and can’t keep it clean, and Stephen can’t wear his for safety reasons when he is working with machinery) but also because we just thought is was a neat way to show our love for one another in a more permanent way. Our new rings are NOT coming off! I was a little surprised by all the criticism from people who advised us not to do it in case it “doesn’t work out.” If there was any doubt in my mind AT ALL, I would never have married Stephen in the first place. I know, I know, things happen, but I just refuse to live my marriage with that kind of mindset. Forever is forever=) Anyways, they were still red last night, and Stephen has already gone to work, so you will just have to see a picture of mine for now. They look nothing alike, by the way, we each designed our own. First, here is a picture with a few of the many designs that I worked on. Ultimately, I decided I wanted it pretty small, since this was a first time tattoo for me, and I decided to go with a less-intricate design because of that. Bones (yes, I was tattooed by a man named Bones=) also recommended a less intricate design because the ink can sometimes bleed/fade on hands and feet. The one on the bottom is the one!

It is loosely based on the an Irish symbol with two hands for friendship and a heart for love.
And here it is:
It was over in a few minutes, and wasn’t nearly as painful as I had prepared myself for. I was really proud of Stephen for going through with it because he absolutely hates needles! He didn’t spend anytime coming up with a design, he just came up with something off the top of his head. His is really simple, but I think he is wanting to add some more to it later. I will put pictures of it later!

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