What do all the numbers mean?

There goes another month! We are up to five now, with somewhere around 13-18 left to go. According to my best estimate, we have made our way down to about #152 on the waiting list, although I don’t think that our number is very relevant considering that it includes every family that is waiting, even those who have specifically requested a healthy infant girl AYAP. We are waiting for a boy or girl child with special needs and are fairly flexible as far as age goes, so I really have no idea where that puts us. For that matter, the estimated wait time probably doesn’t really mean much either.

Up until four months, the wait didn’t seem too bad, but this past month has definitely been the toughest one yet for me (of course, nothing seems to phase Stephen at all=). The fact that we really don’t know what to expect has me feeling so anxious lately. I wish that adoption was as (comparatively) predictable as pregnancy. But at the same time, I am confident that Stephen and I are exactly where we want/need to be right now. And I know that every bit of the wait and uncertainty will be worth it when we hold our little one. That’s not going to make the holidays any easier though!

Here’s the month is review:

  • I became and aunt again (for the 6th time=) to an absolutely perfect niece on November 23rd!
  • My friend Terri made it home from Hanoi with adorable Kate. I got to meet her on Monday when we threw them a shower, and she is the sweetest little girl!
  • Some of our very best friends had a baby girl named Gracie (I have yet to meet her since they live in Missouri, but I am sure she’s adorable as well!)
  • Three families with our agency were among the first group of families to receive I-600 approval since the changes, and are in Vietnam right now with their new children. Incidentally, Khai’s family accepted his referral on the very same day we were added to the waiting list! I’ll be the past 5 months were even tougher on them!

Hmmmm….. could all of these new arrivals be contributing to my feelings of anxiety????

There have been a few other things that have happened this past month, although as I am typing this, they seem pretty uninteresting…

  • I finished my first semester of classes for my ESL endorsement. Yay!! Two more classes next semester and I will be done. I am glad I will have them all over with before Miles comes home because it makes for a very busy schedule!
  • Stephen took his first Praxis exam, and although he is still awaiting his scores, I’m very confident he passed (As those of you teachers out there who took it already know, the Praxis is, well, kind of a joke). He hasn’t made any concrete decisions yet about what to do, but he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want to do engineering his whole life. The money is nice, but the job satisfaction? Not so much. I think that I’ve got him leaning towards teaching (which he would be great at!) At any rate, it will be a while before he could even get his nontraditional liscence, so no big changes in the career department in the foreseeable future=)
  • Of course, more knitting for the baby. I almost have the cutest little sweater finished up for Miles
  • Oh yes, and my baby hat orders, including my Etsy sales, have been picking up in time for Christmas! (you still have time, by the way, to order. hint, hint….)

Well, I’ve gotta go. Stephen and I are planning to swing by the tattoo parlor before church tonight. Yes, you read that right=) Stephen and I are getting our wedding rings tattooed on for our 5th wedding anniversary next week, so we are going to check out a few places this afternoon. I know, I know, we’re crazy. It’s permanent, as so many people have so kindly pointed out to us when we told them about our plans. Hmmmm……I was under the impression that wedding vows were permanent too…….=)


5 thoughts on “What do all the numbers mean?

  1. Toby has wanted a ring tattoo ever since we knew we were going to get married (about 2 days after we our first date). We’ve looked at different designs, but have yet to find the right one. He wants me to design it for him, but I’m no art teacher 😉 What design are you two looking at? I bet you could design your own that would rock!

  2. Abby,
    Good to hear from you! We have both been working on our own designs. I have about four that I have been working on for mine, but I still have yet to decide on the right one. I think Stephen has decided to go with some sort of pinstripe-looking design (of course!)

  3. You’ve had a busy month!!

    I’ve just been moping. 😀 I should take a page from your book.

    How did you learn to knit, btw? I’m a fair hand with crochet, but that’s just one hook. I don’t think I’m coordinated enough for two needles, but I’ve always wanted to try!

  4. Sarah,
    My grandma taught me how to knit and crochet when I was just about 5 or six, but I never really caught on to or kept up with the knitting. I didn’t really start up again until about a year ago when I taught myself based on the little memory I had left, and the internet when I just couldn’t figure something out;) There are lots of good tutorials and even videos out there. Good luck! Oh, and I use the combined method which many would say is “wrong”, but it works for me! It is MUCH easier than the continental method!

  5. I totally agree the past month has been hard. All the unknowns that has happened in the past month or so has made it even more difficult, but I’m starting to finally feel more positive. I think 2008 will be our year!

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