Favorite photo friday, and an ode to the lonely sock…

My favorite photo of the week:

“Would somebody please rub my belly. Please!”

And on to the lonely sock…

It has come to my attention recently that, while I am really, really good at starting projects, I am not so good when it comes to finishing them.

Just yesterday for example, I was bound and determined to give my kitchen a good cleaning. I got as far as my spice cabinet, and spent all afternoon oranizing and labeling it’s contents. Oh, my spice cabinet looks wonderful now, but the rest of my kitchen? Not so much. You see, in cleaning out the spice cabinet, I realized that I had quite a bit of cinnamon, and cinnamon goes really well in an apple pie. And well, I just happened to have some apples laying around (that incidenatlly, were meant for another project) and was a bit hungry at the time… you can probably tell where that is headed. Before I knew it, the kitchen was a bigger mess than when I started.

Once the pies were baking (yes, I did finish that one!), I moved on to something new.
I just got some wool yarn that I ordered for some of my handmade Christmas presents this year, and was planning to start a cute little baby sweater pattern I have been saving for Miles. But, in clearing out some yarn storage space to stash the rest of the yarn, I discovered no less than 11 works-in-progress that I started knitting then either got bored with or set aside to work on some other really cool pattern I found in the meantime. Eleven. And this doesn’t include all of my sewing, painting, drawing, and ceramic projects, or books that I started and never finished reading, or all those not-so-fun things on my to-do list like the kitchen I never got around to cleaning. Sigh. As I sat there and stared at one lonely orange sock that I never knit a mate for, and that I no longer have yarn to finish since I used it all on another project, I decided that this has to end. No more new projects until I have either finished every one of my works-in-progress, or gotten rid of the ones that I know I won’t ever finish.

After my revelation, I was running on adreneline and new-found inspiration. I actually managed to finish three of them last night! I didn’t even remember that I had started this cute little chullo for Miles last summer until I found it at the bottom of my yarn cubby. All it needed was blocking and tassels, and I must say it turned out rather cute! It was really rewarding to finally have something completely finished. Oh, and my kitchen is looking much better as well!

Thank you, lonely orange sock. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Favorite photo friday, and an ode to the lonely sock…

  1. that’s funny! i had the exact same week!! my house is finally under control and i am caught up on most half-finshed projects!!

  2. We must be cosmic sisters or something…I’d be rich if I had a dollar for all my unfinished projects: many pieces of half-stipped, partly mosiac- furniture, partially sewn dresses for the girls, piles and stacks misc. “treasures” coffee cans, wood scraps, you name it, and I’ve got it UNFINISHED!! Life is Goooooood!!!!

  3. Teri-
    I made sure that your hat and shoes were one of the projects I actually finished in a timely manner! I’ll try to get them to you tomorrow!

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