You can take the girl out of Wyoming, but you can’t take Wyoming out of the girl…

I have been really good so far about not buying clothes for Miles yet. After all, we don’t know how old or big he will be when he comes home, or even that he will be a boy for sure. So far I have limited myself to a few really practical, gender-neutral yardsale finds, but when I saw this little shirt at the thrift store, my inner cowgirl just HAD to have it! I’m thinking it will make for some super cute pictures of Miles with Papa Wayne’s old hat=) And for just 1.50, I think I can live with it if it doesn’t fit.

Maybe it’s the holidays that has me feeling homesick for Wyoming. And maybe an army brat doesn’t really have a home to feel homesick about. Actually, I have lived in Arkansas now longer than I ever did in Wyoming=) But it just doesn’t feel like home the way Wyoming does. I just don’t feel the same connection with this place.
Family, wide open spaces, beautiful places, the first state to allow women the right to vote… I mean, what’s not to like, right? Here are some pictures of my “Happy Place”…
Sunrise in the Tetons
Undine Falls, Yellowstone
Ayers Natural Bridge State Park, my all-time favorite Wyoming spot=)
Alongside the road somewhere between Newcastle and Douglas
early morning fog, Yellowstone
Okay, now my inner cowgirl is itching for for a road trip=)
And on a more serious note, I wonder sometimes if Miles will feel this same sort of connection when he thinks of Vietnam that I do when I think of Wyoming…
I hope he does, because our roots are important.

5 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of Wyoming, but you can’t take Wyoming out of the girl…

  1. What an absolutely gorgeous place!!!

    And I really agree that there are places we connect with more than others. For our kids who haven’t had the experience of living where they were born, that connection may be more dreamlike, but it’s there.

    As much as I connect with my roots, plebian though they may be (I grew up in Cleveland, LOL), I also feel equally strong about the connections I’ve made to my current home. I think what makes the original ones different are the memories. Unless they arrive when they are older, our children won’t have those memories, and may therefore not have the same tug toward their birthplaces as those who grew up in one place and then moved away. That probably applies to everyone who’s moved a lot, or was born in one place and moved as an infant.

    Anyway sorry to go on so long! Love the photos!!

  2. Wyoming seems as foreign a place to me, the lifelong Bostonian, as Vietnam does. 🙂

    LOVE the shirt, it is too, too cute. I scour thrift stores whenever I get that crazy urge to buy something for the baby. I figure for a buck or two, if it doesn’t fit, I can always pass it on to someone else!

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