Lost Valley Revisited

We went for a post-Thanksgiving hike last Saturday with Stephen’s sister, Melissa, to burn off all the extra pumpkin pie calories. Stephen and I have been to Lost Valley several times, but it was Melissa’s first time. I wish she could have seen Eden Falls in all its glory, but we have had a fairly dry fall so there wasn’t more than a trickle. Still an absolutely GORGEOUS spot! Here is a panoramic shot looking out from under the bluff towards the trail. (Click on it, it’s much better viewed large!). I like how the tiny people give some perspective to the scale of this place. It’s breathtaking. I decided to try out the PhotoStitch software that came with my new camera to make this picture, and I must say it is really easy to use! I am not totally pleased with the seam on the left, but that is my fault for having the camera on auto mode instead of manually setting the shutter and aperature. Live and learn!

One thought on “Lost Valley Revisited

  1. Beautiful! We were supposed to go on a hike today but it was cold and rainy. Apparently those in our group were cool with cold, but not with wet. 😦

    I can live through you today. πŸ™‚

    Jennifer N.

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