Introducing Sprout…..

I’m an aunt, again! (The nickname is an inside thing=)

Congratulations to my little sis, Jeanien and her husband, Blaine! Little Sprout was born on Friday, just a day late for Thanksgiving. (Jeanien was glad that she didn’t have to miss out on the turkey and pumpkin pie!) I can’t wait to meet her this Christmas!

7 lbs., 3 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long

Here she is with big brother Bob.

Her daddy is in the Navy, and will be out to sea for the next six months. It must be driving him CRAZY not to be home with his sweet little girl! I think I am going to take some family portraits for Jeanien when she comes up for Christmas so that Blaine will at least have lots of pictures to look at while he is away. (see Jeanien, if you would keep up with my blog, you would already know what you are getting for Christmas!!!)

Speaking of the Navy, I just found out that my brother, Ross, enlisted a couple of weeks ago. I guess that officially makes me the odd one out since I am the only person in my family who isn’t either in the military, retired from the military, or married to someone who is. Anyways….

No adoption news to report (and probably a good while until there is some!) but we are finding plenty of other ways to keep busy. I have been working to finish up my final project for the ESL class I have been taking this fall. (almost done!) I have two more classes to go in the spring before I will be able to get my ESL endorsement in Arkansas. As much work as it is, I really think it is a good experience for me, and hopefully it will benefit my students as well! I also have one of my formal observations coming up on Monday, and an end of the semester art show to plan, so this has been quite a week!


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