How much cuteness can one blog post contain?!?

I am addicted to knitting baby socks! I made my first pair a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t stop. I’m up to 5 now. They are just too cute! (and the don’t require quite the attention span that a grown-up pair does=) For my last pair, I splurged and bought a $12 skein of alpaca. I just have one of them done, and it isn’t blocked yet, so bear with me:

And in other cuteness news, I just got the Soft Paws I ordered for the cats today in the mail. Now, am NOT normally the kind of person to dress up my pets, but I am also not the kind of person who would ever declaw my cats, so when I came upon this much more humane alternative, I thought I would give it a try. I think my big purple sofa will thank me. They were really easy to put on, and I only glued my fingers together once! Anyways, here are Lillian and Toby sporting their festive new manicures:
And yes, Millicent also got the treatment as well, I just couldn’t get a good picture of her black coat in the low light.
And speaking of Millicent, I swear she is actually gaining weight on the new low calorie food that the vet suggested last time we were there. sigh. I really don’t like getting chewed out by the vet every time I take her in! I promise she doesn’t get any more than the other two, and they are both perfectly healthy! But I digress…
No big plans (at least no official ones!) for Thanksgiving, just dinner with Stephen’s family. I usually get a bit bummed this time of year that my family lives so far away. I guess that is what happens to a family of army brats. Not to whine, but it just isn’t fair that Stephen’s family lives so close! I haven’t told Stephen yet (hence the “unofficial” plans), but I have been thinking today about making an impromptu jaunt down to Lousiana where my sister, Jeanien, is staying. Her baby girl is due any day and I would love to be able to be there with her since she doesn’t have much family around either. Maybe the baby will wait until Thanksgiving (which happens to be Jeanien’s birthday this year!) So much to be thankful for! Really. And maybe next year we will be spending Thanksgiving with Miles! (unlikely, but we’re hopin’!)

5 thoughts on “How much cuteness can one blog post contain?!?

  1. So much cuteness!

    I heard about soft paws when i worked in a vet clinic, they look great. How often will you need to change them?

  2. Katherine,
    The package said that they will shed every 4-8 weeks, depending on the cat. Toby has already lost one of his, but I think that is probably becuase he needs the large size instead of the medium that I got. They just didn’t fit him quite right.

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