Beautiful Saturday

I love fall!!! We spent Saturday morning yardsaling, then went to the Prairie Grove Battlefield park to spend the afternoon. We decided to take advantage of the absolutely GORGEOUS weather to take some pictures with my new camera (yay! it finally arrived!) since our 5th anniversary is coming up. I take our own anniversary pictures every year with a tripod and a timer (what can I say? I’m a control freak!) so it has sort of become a tradition. Here are a few of our pics:


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Saturday

  1. what great picture! i especially like the one of you guys hand-in-hand and the one below that, too.

    how much fun…a new camera!!

  2. These are lovely – you need to put them in a special album or frame.

    Yeah, fall is absolutely wonderful, just wish it lasted longer.

  3. What great pictures!

    They’re all wonderful. I think I like the one of you two lying on the ground facing the camera best . . . but it’s hard to decide.

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