Favorite Photo Friday

Okay, you caught me. No, today is not Friday (but I did get home really late last night!) And yes, this is me advertising. Pitiful, I know, but hopefully a few of you will indulge me and head over to my Etsy site where I have posted a few more things for sale=) Christmas is just around the corner……

In other news, I have been out of town since Wednesday at the AAE (Arkansas Art Educators) Conference in Little Rock which was a blast! It is so encouraging to meet with other people who actually know what it is that I do every day and share ideas with one another. Plus we get to make stuff=) And to top it all off, how many teachers get to listen to a guest speaker from Marvel Comics and count it as professional development?!? Mitch Breitweiser, who has illustrated Captain America and the Fantastic Four among others, spoke on the art/narrative connection and encouraging students who show an interest in persuing a career in art. I got a Fantastic Four poster signed by the artist for Miles’ room=)

And in not so happy news, I am terrified about what has been happening in Vietnam lately. I know there are already many, MANY bloggers out there talking about this, and there is really nothing new or profound for me to add, but it pretty much sucks for everyone involved; the first families and children who may have been separated unethically, the children who will have to grow up in an orphanage without the love of a family if the program closes, the A-families that have had to return home without the children that they love, the families whose wait to bring home their children will be longer now becuase of new I-600 procedures, and those of us who are still waiting and have no idea what will be going on by the time our turn comes around, or if the program will even be open that long. If you are one of the unethical agencies that started this whole mess, or a family defending/supporting/condoning them, you suck! That being said, I am SO glad that the new I-600 procedures are being put into place (just upset abouy why). Anything that can be done to make the process more transparent and ethical, and put the pressure on those who try to do things otherwise is a much needed step and I truly hope that it does what it is intended to. If you don’t know much about what it going on, (which is highly unlikely if you have been aroung the the VN adoption blogging community at all the past few weeks!) then I highly recommend that you catch up over at VVAI.


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