One of those days….

2:40 just couldn’t come fast enough today. I could already tell the day was off to a great start when, during my first hour class, we had our first vomit incident of the year. Yay. And the custodian took his sweet time getting there… This event was followed up a short time later as I knelt down to help a student tie his shoe and caught a whif of urine. Before I had time to think/react, I realized that the shoelace I was holding was WET. Yes. It had run down his leg. Ewwww!!!! Thank goodness there is a sink in my room. Add to this the kindergarten class from hell (and we were painting today) and you might start to have an idea how my day went. So glad to be home!

Quote of the day: Mrs. Brannannnnnnn! He’s telling on me!!!!!!

I really do love my job. Really. Most of the time….


5 thoughts on “One of those days….

  1. I sympathize, totally. As a children’s librarian, I totally have those days when there’s books strewn EVERYwhere, puzzle pieces all over the library, and kids shrieking about webkinz at the computers!

    And yet, I still come back, day after day… 😉

  2. Yikes. I’ll never forget working in daycare with the 2 year old class- there was this awful kid named Corey who crapped hi pants at naptime, hid behind the book shelf, and smeared his poop all over EVERYTHING. The kid was always having incidents involving feces.
    Anyway, I hope your weekend is relaxing!

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