Life’s a trail, part II

We spent last weekend (the really hot one, you know, when it was 90 degrees in October!) camping at Petit Jean State Park. Despite the heat, we took in 8 miles of hiking while we were there and had a really good time. I finally got my film developed (still no digital camera!) so I thought I would share a few pics.
Cedar falls wasn’t much more than a trickle the day we were there, so I had to be a bit creative to get a good shot of it. Pictures just can’t do justice to a place like this! (at least not mine=) I had been wanting to visit Cedar falls for a long time now. It is a very special place to me because one of the last memories I have of my Grandma Reed was a beautiful winter day when she brought us to see the falls. We didn’t make the 2 mile hike to the base of the falls that day, my grandma’s cancer had left her too weak, but we did take in the view from the overlook. I was eleven. My grandma died that Spring. I often regret that I didn’t get to know my grandma better-we never lived near her while I was growing up- but sitting there beneath the falls, I felt a connection with her . It was places like this that made her and my Grandpa fall in love with Arkansas and led them to leave everything they knew in Wyoming to move here. It was as if I was getting to know a side of her that I had never known, one without the sickness, the tiredness, the pain. Okay, yes, it may be a little sappy, but it almost felt like she was there taking it all in with me.
Resting after a long, hot hike back up to the top of the bluff.
Watch your step! Cedar Falls is somewhere far, far beneath Stephen.
On top of the world!
Well, it’s time to stop procrastinating now, and get back to work on my lesson plans. 5 am comes early!


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