happy day!

Here’s me. If you can’t tell, I am HAPPY! So happy in fact that I am willing to post a rather unflattering picture of myself just to show you how very happy I am=)
Lots of good news to report today!

First of all, I am happy to report that fall has finally arrived in Arkansas! That’s right, no more 90s, or even 80s (for now at least=). Today was absolutely gorgeous!My little sister, Kate, got to bring home her little one this afternoon, and he is doing great! This is a week earlier than they anticipated him coming home, but the doctors said there really wasn’t any reason to keep him longer since he is doing so well!

Also, my friend and coworker Terri left for the Tulsa airport this evening, her plane leaves bright and early tomorrow for Vietnam to meet her beautiful daughter, also named Kate!

And last but not least, we got news this afternoon that four families with our agency recieved referrals for their children today, and that our agency is working with a new orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City as of this week! Congratulations to the families!

I like happy days.


3 thoughts on “happy day!

  1. it is great to see that big smile! glad you had a great day…it is amazing how the weather can affect moods! here in georgia, it has cooled off about 10 degress!! that makes me happy too 🙂

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