Talk about a mid-life crisis!

Maybe it is the fact that she is about to turn fifty, maybe it is the whole grandkids thing. Whatever the reason, my mom is going through a serious mid-life crisis. I mean, she’s going crazy! Any of you who know my mother know that she is TERRIFIED of heights. She doesn’t even like being in tall buildings. And yet, this is the call that I got from her Friday night:

Mom, “Hi, Jo. Guess I should probably let you know that I am going skydiving tomorrow.”
Me (panicking), “What?!? SKYDIVING?!?!? Are you crazy? What about your fear of heights? Don’t you realize you could DIE?!?
Mom, “Oh that. I just figured I might as well do it while I still can. I am thinking of white water rafting for my 75th birthday when that comes around. Besides, your dad used to jump out of planes all of the time.” (He was an army ranger)
Me, “Yes, and that is why his hip is permanently messed up, remember. But if you must, have fun. And just in case, I love you.”

And guess what. She did it! At 3:00 yesterday, my mom made here first jump. And she had a blast. I must admit that as adventurous as I am personally, when I thought of my mom jumping out of a plane, it made me a little squeamish. I mean, what would I do without her? But taking a risk, conquering your fears, isn’t that what life is really about? I am proud of you Mom!

I wish I had a picture of her airborne to post, but she refused to pay the extra $50 for a picture of her face “flapping in the wind.” That’s Mom for you. My sister did get a couple pictures of her touching down though and she should be sending them to me soon, just in case you don’t believe me!


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