New Toy!

I am typing this post on- that’s right- my new laptop! We have been needing a new computer for a while as our 4 year old desktop has been slowly dying (it was kind of a lemon from the start). We were hesitant to spend the money with the adoption costs and all, but after trying to get it running yesterday (it has gotten to the point that we have to re-install windows every few days, and now it won’t authenticate windows so we can’t use most of the programs), I reverted to a temper tantrum worthy of my two year old nephew. Seriously. Screaming, jumping, kicking- the works. I think I may have even hit the computer at one point. This, I decided, was not good for my health or sanity so off to Best Buy we went. They just happened to be having a sale, so here we are. Me and my wonderful, fast, and most importantly, functioning laptop=) We justified it for three reasons: most of the money was from project money we have been saving up, NOT from our savings account, 2 when we finally get to travel to Vietman, we can take this with us, and 3 with the recently extended wait times we will have a few more months to save that we have been planning/budgeting for. Still trying to focus on the positive here!


4 thoughts on “New Toy!

  1. I’m joining you in wait frustration! Congratulations on the new laptop! I just love reading blogs while sitting on the couch, coffee in hand, in my pjs – the height of glamourous living, for sure! 😉 Oh, and I’ve sent your card out today!

  2. Yea – I hated my laptop at first and now we are always together! Just think of all of the photos you can post while in Vietnam – I can’t wait!

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