Favorite Photo Monday (told you I couldn’t wait!)

A home is just more fun with kids around! It is far too quite now that my adorable nephews have gone back home to Wyoming=( Kate, you really need to move back to Arkansas!!! Here are a few pictures of our time together:

E~ playing in the cat cubby, and, of course, we had to do some art while they were here!

I took everyone for a picnic and hike at Lost Valley while they were here as well. It’s not a long trail- only about 2 miles total- but it was a bit hot and humid. The boys were troopers the whole way. They did ride piggy back on the way back from the waterfall though! E~ found a really cool tree to play in.

Here we are at Eden Falls, the farthest point of the trail. There isn’t much water flowing over the falls in the summer, so I’ve included a picture that I took last January after a big rain for comparison. It is still definitely a neat spot though=)

J~ butterfly watching.

E~ is quite the whiz with chopsticks, J~ not so much! I fixed curry with sweet potatoes (a little less spicy than usual for the kiddos) and some green beans just in case. It was the boys’ first time to try Vietnamese food, and the they seemed to like it okay. They are more used to Korean food, and J~ kept asking where the “cabbage” was. That kid can put away some kimchi!

My sister, Kate, and me.
The kids had me cracking up the whole time they were here! Here are some of my favorite quotes of the week:

“Wow, you are handsome, J~!”-said by J~ as he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the car window.

“But I want to bite Aunt Jo’s head.”-said, or rather screamed, by E~ after his mommy took away the picture of me that he had been chewing on.
“Look! I have a pocket!”- said by J~ as he proudly showed off his new “big boy” tighty- whities.

“~J needs a spanking. He is going to be bad today.”-first thing said by E~ after waking up in the morning.

And finally, here is one from the other day that my sister told me about, “We don’t need ice cream treats Mom, we need broccoli treats.”- J~’s response when his mom asked if he wanted to stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Photo Monday (told you I couldn’t wait!)

  1. I have a dumb blogger question I forgot to ask. Is there a reason why some people don’t put names – like with kids especially? Is it something the parent requests or is it wrong to do altogether? Let me know because I think you posted the name of another baby but didn’t put your nephews names. I’ve noticed this a lot and I am confused (shocker, I know)!

  2. Melissa,
    If they were my kids, I would probably put their names, but since they are not, and because you never know who will be reading your blog, I decided it is probably best not to post more info than others really need to know. My sis follows my blog and doesn’t have a problem with me posting about the boys. Oh, and the other baby is my nephew as well, but Bob is just a nickname that has nothing to do with his real name. Maybe I should just come up with nicknames for these two as well to avoid confusion=)

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