On the Trail Again

What a wonderful weekend! The weather actually cooled down into the 80’s with very low humidity for a couple of days (not typical Arkansas weather for this time of year!). Well, that bit of a cool spell was all it took to get me back in the great outdoors. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year! I really, really wanted to go hiking/camping this weekend, but we had to help our youth group work a concession stand at the Razorback game (did I mention I HATE football?) Saturday evening, so we couldn’t venture to far out of town. We just hopped on our mountain bikes instead and rode down to the Lake Fayetteville trail for a nice short ride. Not bad for a middle-of-town bike trail. We did a little exploring and I am so excited that we found a route there that doesn’t require riding along the busy highway. We have absolutely no shoulders here in Arkansas, so it is a little scary! We spent Sunday afternoon at the craft fair in Prairie Grove, and then making peach jam and salsa back at home. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find any Arkansas peaches this summer, I think the late frost ruined most of the crop=( Anyways, the jam still turned out tasty! If I don’t eat all of it myself, it may being showing up on Etsy soon=)

The heat and humidity were back with a vengence today (Monday), but we just had to go hiking anyways. We did make sure it was a sunrise hike though to avoid the hottest part of the day! Here are a couple of pictures from our hike at the Lost Bridge park trail near Beaver Lake:

Can’t wait until there are three of us in this picture!

4 thoughts on “On the Trail Again

  1. One more thing! For the 100 Good Wishes swap, email me at hay.sutton at gmail dot com, and give me your address. I’ll give you my address, and send one out to you in kind!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I actually found yours a few days ago and didn’t post a comment yet. I loved your post about being an elementary art teacher…I was an art ed. major, then found the perfect job as a children’s librarian right after college. I love telling people I read children’s stories and color all day, they get so jealous!

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