Killing time

Before I even begin, I will warn you that I have pretty much run out of interesting/adoption related material to blog about. I guess the wait will do that! But, I have to come up with some way to kill the time so here goes:

A while back my Grandma was cleaning out her sewing room and she came across a few old apron patterns that, for some reason, she sent to me:

Inspired by my friend Genessa’s recent projects (and the fact that I am a mess in the kitchen!), I decided to give it a whirl. I dusted off my ancient sewing machine, and fiddled with it for an hour or so before I got it working very well, and tada! Here is my finished creation:
One more picture lest my feminist sisters think I have turned housewife on them (If you could see the rest of my kitchen in this picture, you would know that this is not the case=)

I wish I had more adoption related info to pass along, but now that we are in the waiting stage, there isn’t much going on. This leaves me lots of time with nothing to do but wait and what better to do while waiting than make stuff. In an attempt to help meet our goal of bringing home Miles debt free (we have a ways to go, but with 11-14 months ahead of us to go, I think we can do it!), I will be getting a Etsy site set up soon to sell a few hand knit baby hats and such that I have been making, and now that the old sewing machine is up and running, a few sewn items as well. Stay tuned for more info!


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