Just for Fun

You know that being an elementary art teacher is the perfect job for you when:

  • opening a box of new, perfectly sharpened crayons still makes you feel giddy
  • you grow tired of adult company very quickly
  • the margins of your notes from the last faculty meeting are filled with doodles
  • you never matured beyond a 5th grade level
  • you can laugh off a face full of black tempera paint (for any art teachers out there, I do NOT recommend those ketchup-pump style jugs of paint! It was pretty halarious though=)
  • you’re okay with the fact that your new school clothes won’t stay that way for long-honestly, if those paint splattered jeans I wore as a kid ever come back in style, I will be at the forefront of fashion!
  • you’ve ever worn your airwalks to school with a skirt because they’re just so much more comfortable then heels, then pulled the “I know I don’t match, but it’s okay because I’m the art teacher” card. We are allowed (expected?) to look a bit eccentric from time to time.
  • you prefer to have kid’s art matted and framed in your home because, well, it is just more fun
  • you love feeling inspired everyday when you leave work

Oh yes, and just for fun, I’ll add this cartoon I found over at Kate’s blog, http://aspecialfamily.blogspot.com/ :

I thought that this was just too funny! I find myself feeling this way from time to time as well!


2 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Hi-
    We’ve both been commenting on Laurie’s blog, and I just read through much of yours and love it-
    Blessings on your wait.

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