Silly Kitty!

Ahhh! It is nice to have cool air again! I can’t help but think how spoiled we are here in the U.S. Even on the really hot days, we were able to find refuge in the local Walmart! Anyways, the air conditioner has been fixed, but being the goober that I am, I forgot to put the attic door back down, and somehow Toby managed to climb up my clothes in the closet and make his way to the attic. (He did this once in our apartment too-you would think he would learn!) Of course, being the scaredy cat he is, once he was up there, he didn’t want to come down. Instead he spent the day whining in the attic. That is where Stephen found him when he got home this afternoon. It was quite an ordeal trying to get him down! Now he is curled up purring on my lap=) Of course I must include a picture of the Tobe since he is so darn cute: Yes, he is whining here too=) Toby on the piano.
And here are all three of the kiddos. Left to right: Millicent, Lillian, and Toby.


3 thoughts on “Silly Kitty!

  1. No great insight on cat training here, we just got lucky with this picture! They were all birdwatching from the window when we took the picture, but our old camera had a pretty bad delay. When the camera beeped they all turned around to see what it was before the picture took.

  2. Hi there! I just saw your post on Laurie’s blog and want to say that I love your blog! I, too, have carried my kitty in a sling! 😉 It’s, um, practice, right? We’ve come to adoption through my sort of undiagnosed PCOS, and are definitely on the young side for adoption, so it seems like we have a lot in common! Keep in touch! -Sarah

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